Eating Late At Night--Find Out the Bad Effect

As we know eating late at night causes you to gain more weight and may develop diabetes type 2. It is the feeling of hunger that they feel at night and makes them want to eat.
Health specialists have often reminded us of negative effect of eating very late at night. However, many people still do not care about the bad effect of eating at night. They still wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry and decide to find something to eat. If they do not have anything to eat at home, they usually go out to a nearby food stall to buy it.
Eating at night just before you go to bed can cause several health and mental problems as reported by Livestrong and Ehow, Friday (25/5/2012)

• Eating at night does not directly cause you to put on weight but people who eat very late at night tend to want to eat ready-to-eat foods like burger, pizza or fatty foods, not fruits or vegetables. Besides that, if you eat late at night, you will feel hungrier than usual so that it makes you eat more. All of these factors can cause you to put on more weight indirectly.
• The habit of eating at night is possibly symptoms of depression that is related to the condition called Nighttime Eating Syndrome (NES). According to Dr. Michael Craig Miller of Harvard Health Publication, NES people usually take in calorie as much as two third after 6 o’clock in the evening.
Most people with NES are depressed and used to eating late at night due to hormone imbalances. Eating at night usually involves sugar and carbohydrate that trigger comfortable feelings and may act as self-medication
• Fat-containing foods that you eat at night and 3 hours before you sleep will make your digestive system work for the whole night and disturb your sleep. Besides that, spicy foods eaten at night will cause heartburn, stomach upset, and indigestion the next day.
• Eating late at night disturbs your normal eating time at night, and this will develop the possibility of diabetes type 2 as it is difficult for sugar and insulin to interact with each other after frequent hunger period. Also, consuming excessive caffeine late at night causes a long period of insomnia.
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