Endless Debate Over Lady Gaga's Concert

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 Dangdut “Koplo” show is even worse than Lady Gaga’s concert

Likes and dislikes regarding Lady Gaga's concert have been more fierce, and concerned parties do not seem to budge on the issue. Some think Lady Gaga's concert will only deteriorate public morals, while others think that there is no connection between the concert and social norms.

The discussion about the boundaries between arts and pornography has cropped up as the plan to have Lady Gaga’s concert raised chaotic situations among certain parties. To some people who are all for the concert of Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga’s songs or choreography cannot be considered as obscenities. Erotic as they may be but they are still within universal aesthetic corridors.

Those who are against Lady Gaga’s concert think that Lady Gaga will only spread contagious viruses among society that will potentially destroy culture and social norms. Because of this, they all reject Lady Gaga’s concert. There are also people who think that Lady Gaga’s concert should not be disputed. Even if Lady Gaga’s concert came off, it would not deteriorate the public morals.

“I personally, and on behalf of the organization, question what the problem of Lady Gaga’s concert is. From a viewpoint of procedure and norms of national identity, I don’t see anything wrong with the concert,” said chairman of the Ansor’s Youth Movement for Lampung Province.

“As far as procedural requirements have been met, all parties should not bother their heads about Lady Gaga’s coming to Indonesia, if the promoter has accomplished what has been asked by the police. If we interfere with Lady Gaga’s concert, this will even violate democratic principles in Indonesia,” he added.

According to him, the plan to hold a concert of Lady Gaga who sings “Born This Way” cannot necessarily be considered to violate Eastern customs or to corrupt the morals of the nation. He even considers some of Indonesian Dangdut concerts to be worse and obvious decadent. If some people think that Lady Gaga will deteriorate public morals, go ahead. That’s their take about it. However, if they want to honestly compare Lady Gaga’s concert to Dangdut “Koplo” that has been going around in Indonesia, they will be of the same opinion  that Dangdut “koplo” show is more dangerous and moral-damaging as the show is weekly held and watched by all ages  in all levels of society.

Source: Tribun Lampung  issued Sunday (27/5/2012) (translated with a few modifications)

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