Flooded Kimaja Icon Bandar Lampung


Ki Maja Icon area, Way Halim, Bandar Lampung, is often turned into a river when it rains more than 30 minutes.  The main cause is the roadside ditch seemingly blocked by litter resulting in the rain water flowing into a low-lying Ki Maja Street that passes through Ki Maja Icon.

To overcome this flood problem, the local government had the ditch repaired. The repair included the widening and deepening of the ditch. At the same time, Ki Maja Street shoulder was also elevated and the holes patched. However, flood still covers the road surface, making it like a river that causes difficulty to road users in passing through the street. 

Due to Ki Maja Icon area being frequently flooded, the road surface has gradually eroded away, creating holes in the street that interfere with road traffic around Ki Maja Icon. If the local government does not take a quick action to find out the real cause of the flood, Ki Maja Icon area will become unhealthy that may cause diseases to the residents who live around the area.

To avoid government financial waste to have the ditch and road repaired, the local government should seek a qualified contractor, which can responsibly carry out the repair work.


Author: verified_user