Food Gift Shops in Bandar Lampung


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Every place provides food gift shops that visitors drop by to buy gifts for their families or friends when they come back home. What they bring home may be in the form of souvenirs or food gifts which are unique and can't be found elsewhere. The most visited food gift shop in Lampung is Yen Yen food gift shop located on Jl.Ikan Kakap 86, Telubetung, and Lampung, Indonesia. Yen Yen is popular as this can be seen from a number of visitors who come to buy foods there.

Wilson Limas, an owner of Yen Yen shop told that he always controlled the quality of the foods he produced. There are always new recipes for the foods he sells so that buyers will not feel bored. If you are fans of delicious snacks, just come and visit Yen Yen. You will find delicious snacks of your own choice. Some of the most common snacks available at Yen Yen shop are banana chips with various flavors--chocolate, cheese, milk, melon, and many other flavors. Crispness and sweetness of the snacks sold by Yen Yen are typical of Yen Yen's food gifts.

More gift shops can still be found in other places around Tanjungkarang. If you don't know your way around, ask a taxi driver to take you there. Most of the places, where you can find gift shops are not accessed by public transport.

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