The Richest Woman In The World


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Gina Rinehart—the Richest Woman
Who does not know Gina Rinehart, a 58 year old woman who has been enthroned as the richest woman in Australia and is predicted to become the richest in the world in the next few years.

Gina Rinehart, a 58 year-old Australian business woman, is currently becoming the richest woman in Australia. This mining owner is predicted to be able to dominate the rest of the world as the richest woman in the next few years. According to The Herald Sun, BRW Magazines enthroned her as the richest woman in Australia. Her wealth comes from her booming mining business. BRW recorded that her wealth in the previous year increased from US$ 18.87 billions to US$ 29.71 billions this year. Her wealth is equivalent to US$ 598 per hour and almost US$52 millions per day.  Because of her rapidly increased wealth, Reinhart has been named as the richest woman in the world. Her wealth surpasses Christy Walton’s, an owner of Wall Mart retailer, whose richness has reached US$ 25 billions a year.

Her scintillating business has made some economists undoubtedly place her as the most serious rival in the ranks of the richest in the world. To be able to become the richest in the world, Rinehart has to be able to surpass Carlos Slim, whose wealth is reported to be us$69 billions a year.

BRW Magazine editor, Andrew Heatcote evaluated that with the mining business she is cultivating now, Rinehart is believed to own a company with a valuation of US$ 100 billions in the next few years. Unlike other heirs, Reinhart not only maintains her wealth but is capable of doubling her richness. All she’s got now is not a windfall. It is a result of hard working and perseverance.

After her father, Lang Hancock, passed away in 1992, her total wealth had been estimated to reach US$ 75 millions. In 20 years, her property had increased 386 times. Her career to become the richest woman was not as easy as many people thought. She was once involved in legal cases related to the inheritance of millions of US dollars. Her three sons, John Hancock, Bianca Rinehart and Hope Welker, had launched a lawsuit against their mother to kick her out as a sole trustee of her father’s multi-billion-dollar wealth.

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