Gray Hair?--Use Natural Ingredients To Make It Black


Nowadays, many young people already have gray hair. This is probably the bad lifestyle that they have. All their foods and drinks are instant foods. Actually, men can keep their hair black till they reach the age of 100 if their diet is natural and away from pesticides.

Hair is our crown. Imagine if the hair we love becomes gray while it is not yet the right time for us to have gray hair. We admit that there is already lot of different brands of hair dye, but it would be better if we just used traditional ingredients that are easily available and they do not cause such harmful side effects as hair loss or symptoms of skin disease on your hair.

Most people use hair dye because it is quick and easy to use. They do not have to bother their head looking for natural ingredients, which are usually not easy to find. If you prefer hair dye, make sure you use it carefully and you don’t look at the price as low prices usually indicate low quality.

In order that your hair does not look gray, use ripe papaya seeds. The followings are some easy to follow steps to make your gray hair become black or normal again.
Buy or take a ripe papaya. Take two spoonfuls of papaya seeds and get it completely dried in the sun. Then roast the dry seeds till it is burnt. After that, grind the burnt seeds till it is fine. Mix the ground seeds into coconut oil and stir it to blend.

Apply thoroughly the ingredient of ground seeds and coconut oil to your gray hair before you go to bed. In the morning when you wake up, rinse your hair. Do it every day until you can obtain desired result.


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