Guinness World Records Awarded Porchon-Lynch As The Oldest Yoga Teacher Yoga


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Although she has reached the age of 93, she never thinks of quitting yoga practice. At the present age, she has even become the oldest yoga instructor in the world and received an award from Guinness World Records for her achievement.

Despite her age, she can still pose her yoga style perfectly. Teaching yoga and dance are not unusual for her, and this proves that age is only numbers for an agile old woman.

Porchon-Lynch has had a perfect life—happy marriage life, participating in acting, modeling, burlesque dancing, even she has ever marched together with Gandhi twice.
She has been given a new title as the oldest yoga instructor by Guinness World Records.
“I will teach yoga till I cannot breathe anymore, then I will ‘fly to the next planet’. I love yoga, which has enlivened my days and made everyone smile,” said Tao porchon-Lynch as reported by Telegraph, Thursday (25/5/2012).

Last Monday, Tao taught a group of students of a dancing studio in Harstdale, 25 miles outside New York City. She urged students to reach the deepest pose and said she also used the same standard.
Tao had her hip replaced and her doctor said she would never be able to do yoga anymore. However, she believed she would be able to do it. She did  not want to know what she could not do as she was sure she could do what other people did not think she could. She sent the doctor a picture of her doing a lotus style when her feet in the above position. Then, the doctor rang her up and said that she was a magic woman.
Tao was interested in yoga since she was 8 years of age. At that time, she was observing a group of young men doing yoga on the beach, in her home town in Pondicherry, India. At that very moment, she decided to learn what men can do.

Tao has professionally taught yoga for 61 years, although she actually decided to focus on becoming yoga instructor when she was at the age of 73.


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