Hash House Harriers--Puri Gading Run Lampung Indonesia

Puri Gading Beach Resort is a long established housing complex situated on the southern part of Bandar Lampung city, approximately 2 km from an old city of Telukbetung. Puri Gading has always been used for a hashing on-in as it provides excellent trails up to the nearby Gunung Kunci hill from which you can see the whole view of Lampung bay.
 The run on May 27th, 21012 started from Puri Gading beach. For this run, most hashers looked pretty gaudy and smarter. The male hashers wore expensive pair of shoes and branded t-shirts and beautiful caps. It seemed they knew it would be a warm day. The lady runners outnumbered the men not because of the run being a special run but it was because of the hash location being on Puri Gading beach resort. It is easily guessed that after the run and down-down routine, most ladies would go banana boating and wind surfing.

The pack of runners was released by the hash master blowing a long loud hash horn followed by the shout of “on….on...!”

Two groups of hashers went out of the housing complex, crossed the asphalt road to toil up the first hill. Those who decided to follow the short trail were not led toward the hill. Instead, they were guided by a couple of hares to walk along the asphalt road and made a loop back into the beach next to Puri Gading beach resort. There is no report on the short trailer as I came along the main trail going up, down, up again and finally down a beautiful hill. We paused on the top of Mount Kunci; while we were clearly enjoy the beautiful view of Lampung bay. It’s too bad no one brought a camera as we always rely on a hash flash who did not appear at the site.

As I had expected, as soon as all hashers arrived at the meeting point, they all rushed to where banana boats were waiting. It’s a good place for visiting hash house harriers to do the run here on Puri Gading beach. Just let me know to have things fixed up for you. On on!


Author: verified_user