Lampung Fair 2012 To Be Opened Friday Evening


Lampung Fair 2012 scheduled to start from 26th of May to June 10th, 2012, is being opened Friday evening at 21:00 local time (West Indonesian Time) (Friday 25th, 2012). The Lampung Fair is being filled with about 32,000 local visitors who want to witness the opening of Lampung Fair 2012.

The opening of Lampung Fair has officially been opened by Governor of Lampung by turning on the loud long siren followed by releasing fireworks to the sky. In addition to the presence of high rank officials of Lampung Province Government,  most regents of all Lampung regencies were also present.
All governmental agencies, including armed forces from Koren 43 Gatam is also participating in Lampung Fair of 2012.
Traditional dancing and music performances mixed with modern music show were presented to enliven the night of Lampung fair opening. Barlian Tihan, provincial secretary,  in his welcoming speech said that there were 418 Lampung Fair participants, all of which comprise all governmental agencies from provincial levels to regency levels, private and state owned companies including medium-sized enterprises, and colleges. The Provincial Secretary further said that  a coffee festival--an international scale event-- was also included in Lampung Fair 2012. The coffee festival is expected to strengthen characteristics of Lampung Province as one of the best coffee producers in Indonesia.

The governor Sjahroedin ZP said that Lampung Fair 2012 is actually a combination of two activites--Lampung Expo and Exhibitions of Lampung developement. These two activities have been combined since 3 years ago for the purpose of effectiveness. The governor explained that the funding of Lampung Fair purely came from private sectors. The local government will receive about 20% profit share of Lampung Fair 2012.

He hopes Lampung Fair will act as facilities and event promotion of agricultural, produce, and natural wealth of Lampung, and entertainment facilities for Lampung residents.


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