Lampung Fair 2012


Lampung Fair 2012—Way Halim Sports Arena (May 26th – June 10th, 2012)
Lampung Fair 2012 is scheduled to start from May 26th and finish on Jun 10th, 2012. The opening ceremony will take place on May 26th. Like Lampung Fair in the previous year, this year’s Lampung Fair will exhibit all the works either by governmental or private sectors. Each department of the local government will be on their stands promoting their work. The local governments have already got their traditional houses ready to be used for their promoting stands. While the newly built tents are rented out for private sectors like automobile, furniture, travel agencies, motorcycles,  and many more products from small to big enterprises. Entertainment sectors are also invited to enliven the atmosphere.

To be able to enter Lampung Fair 2012, visitors are charged 5,000 IDR and 7,500 IDR during weekends. By charging entrance tickets, not all residents of Bandar Lampung will be able to attend it, especially those who do not have money.

This annual event has always given an opportunity to certain parties to take control of outer areas for car parks. It is not known whether parking areas are also included as one of the organizing committee’s responsibilities. The usual parking charges are 5,000 to 10,000 per vehicle. Food stalls outside the Lampung Fair area will also fill the place.

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