Lampung Hash--Hash Scribe For Tirtayasa Run

Hash Scribe on Tirtayasa Run 467
May 13th, 2012
This is hareless Run.

The sky was bright. There was no sign of rain. Everybody got to the site on time as the area of on in is pretty much closer to the town but the view of the surrounding is still perfect.

The run started with a sort of briefing on what the location is all about—it is a beautiful housing complex with its pristine hilly surrounding. The briefing was ended with information about this special run as there were no hares, and no shredded paper to follow to be sure.

The run started with a warming up of beautiful aerobics workout, taking approximately 30 minutes, then two packs of hashers ran into a path around the housing complex and then out of the area into the nearby hills. The view was perfect as almost the whole scenery of Bandar Lampung city could be viewed clearly. The air is much fresher it is on top of the hill little travelled road on the foothill of Tirtayasa.

As there were no hares (it sounds like an unprepared run), all hashers went into one trail. Most just strolled to enjoy the housing scenery, while a few hashers went off in speed to go out of the area to hit the trails. On on...............
At the end of the run, the party was waiting. All enjoyed the party and ate all the foods up. Those who loves swimming could just jump into the swimming pool in th housing complex. Very nice place for another hashing on in.


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