Lampung Hash Run Report No.465

Wira Garden
Run No.465
Time and Date: 06:30 am / April 29th, 2012
Location: Wira Garden, Batu Putu, Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
Hares and Cohares: Adnan, Akam, Heri

Some river crossings and ups and downs of the hill
As usual about 234 Lampung hashers gathered around the on-in 15 minutes before the hash master blows the starting horn.  The weather was perfect with a little cooling wind. Some Lampung hashers wore sun glasses and hats to protect themselves form the heat of the sun. The usual front runners had already felt itching to start off the run, while other sort of lazy hashers who came to the hash just to talk along the trails. However, that was better instead of lying in bed at home. 

The horn was blown, and all hashers stood still to listen to the hash master about what the runs were like how many checks there would be and how long the run would take. As the location is near the river and some hills, so there would be a couple of ups and downs the valley and many river crossings. It was too bad the hare raiser Hendry Hozali was not around. Heri, a documentation section hash staff, was present as one of the cohares. He would definitely miss a good shot of the event.

Most lady hashers would prefer taking a shorter trail (puppy trail) but it still would take them down to the river to have a couple of crossings, and finally they would have to toil up the hill to reach the down-down spot where lazy hashers wait.

Down-down ceremony was highlighted with birthday singings. A couple of hashers were celebrating their birthdays. And finally the hash master called some hashers who were nominated as sinners, and first ins.


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