Missing Sukhoi Super Jet 100 Finally Found


The wreckage of the missing Sukhoi super jet 100 was finally identified from an army air craft, which was doing its air search for the missing plane at 08:30 today. The army plane was looping around the identified spot. SAR squad finally spotted an area where the plane crashed. It was an area on the slope of Mount Salak on a village Batu Tapak, Cidahu, Sukabumi, West Java at a height of 5,800 feet and at the coordinate of 06 42 61.3 south latitude and 106 44 41.2 east  longitude.

What made the Search and Rescue Team certain about what they found was that the wreckage looked like a plane with Sukhoi logo. The location of the wreckage was exactly the same as the area they lost contact in.
Now the SAR team is trying to coordinate with its team on the scene to find a way to evacuate the plane crash victims via land routes.

Meanwhile, the families and relatives of the victims are worried sick and anxiously waiting for their missing passengers at the crisis center of Halim Perdanakusuma international airport.

Sources: Local newspapers and TV news

Author: verified_user