National Exams Passing Rate For Senior High School Levels


National Exams Passing Rate Fro the Year 2012

Lampung Province obtained a high National Exams passing rate of 99.80%--0.09% higher than last year (2011)--for senior high school levels. Governor of Lampung, sjachroedin ZP expressed his pride over Lampung achievement in getting National Exams high passing rates. He said that constant evaluation should always be performed.

The governor hoped that Lampung would not lull into the pride of high passing rates. “Make sure that educational conditions in Lampung do not get fouled up. All tasks should always be evaluated. Lampura once had a complete failure in one of the schools. There is no more like that now. This means that educational conditions have improved here in Lampung,” he mentioned.

The high passing rates achievement for senior high school levels has actually met Lampung Province expectation, which expects an increase in the National Exams passing rates. Although, the increase is not significant (0.09%), Lampung Province is certainly proud of it.

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