New Techniques of Cancer Treatment


New techniques are rapidly developing in China. Some of the techniques are intra arterial intervention, radio Frequency Ablation, cry ablation, nanotechnology, planting of radio particle elements, and gene therapy.

A new technique of curing cancer is now rapidly developing in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province in southern China. It used to be a surgical technique, chemotherapy and radiotherapy but there are now several new techniques of curing cancer.

Professor Peng Xiao Chi, head of department of modern oncology Guangzhou Hospital, said that cancer treatment varied, depending upon the location of tumor, size and condition of the patients.
Professor Peng further mentioned that the latest techniques for cancer treatment have been used in Modern Hospital of Guangzhu. Some of the techniques are mentioned here:

·         Intra arterial intervention
In this technique, medicine was injected through pulse then embolism is done. The purpose of embolism is that blood vessel does not receive nutrients so that it will slowly decay. This technique is often referred to as local chemotherapy.
According to Professor Peng, the first thing to be done is to find blood vessel that goes to the tumor location. With this technique, all medicines are absorbed well.

·         RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation)
This technique is using radioactive needle injected into tumor. This needle will grow in size and emit electrode that sends out light.  The temperature is set to 60 – 80 degree Celsius for this technique.

·         Cry ablation. This is the opposite of RFA in terms of temperature. The temperature is set to minus 100 degree Celsius, and in fact tumor is very responsive to the cold temperature. In this 30-minute  treatment, a needle containing 1.7 mm, 2.4 mm and 3.8 mm ice balls is being used to successfully  kill tumor cell.
·         Nanotechnology. This new technique has not yet been used by many for a long time. Only about tens of patients from a couple of countries received this newly found treatment. The use of micro medicines are used in order that the absorption can reach 80 – 90 %, much better than chemotherapy that reaches  absorption  of only 50%. Nanotechnology is claimed to cause the slightest side effect.

·         Use of radio particle seeds
Doctors will plant rice-like tools that contain radio particle elements such as iodine. To get this element into the body, a needle is needed. For the first two months, the radio particle elements show the strongest function, and gradually the function weakens till six months of use.

·         Gene therapy. One of the factors that causes cancer is gene, lie nasopharyngeal cancer due to lack of gene P53, and in several cases of lung cancer which was due to lack gene EGFR or colon cancer as a result of lacking P53 and so on. One of the suggested methods of medication is to give extra gene through gene therapy.

For treatment of prostate cancer, technique of planting radio particle element or cry ablation combined with herbal treatment can be used, while for treatment of cervical cancer, technique of planting radio particle element or cry ablation as well as chemotherapy can be used.

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