Not All fruits Are Good For Certain Patients


As we all know all fruits are good for health but for patients suffering from such diseases as migraine, headache, haemmorrhoids, hypertension, heartburn, not all fruits are suitable for them.

Not all fruits are safe to eat when you are ill. It is customary to bring fruits when you visit your friend who is being hospitalized. If you know exactly what your friend is suffering from, you can choose what fruits to bring him or her. The followings are list of fruits to be avoided by patients.

  1. Apples and oranges . Green apples should not be given to a patient with hemorrhoid. Instead, the patient should be given a lot of water in order that feces can be made softened, thus avoiding bleeding. Hemorrhoid also causes anal cushion to be pushed down. Sour oranges should also be avoided. Cheese may cause feces to be solid; so, do not give it to patients suffering from hemorrhoid.
  2. Durians. Durian is known to contain a lot of calories; so, you’d better not give durians to those suffering from hypertension, coronary disease, and diabetes as durians may trigger a burst of energy.
  3. Carrots. Carotenoid compounds found in carrots may attach to fatty brain cells, which can cause a headache. “Those who have been consuming carrot juice continuously for a month are prone to have a headache,” said Dr Hardhi Pranata, SpS, as General Chairman of Association of Medical Herbal Doctors when contacted by detikHealth.
  4. Young mangoes.  Patients suffering from heartburn should stay away from young mangoes or any sour fruits. Choose neutral fruits to avoid heartburn, especially in the morning.
  5. Do not eat bananas when you are suffering from migraine. The main component of bananas is tyramine that may increase the tyramine in blood causing vasoconstriction in the brain. The migraine sufferers usually lack enzyme that can break tyramine.
  6. Young papaya and pineapple should not be given to women who have reached their trimester.  Young papaya is rich in latex that triggers contractions of the uterus, while pineapples contain bromelain, which causes softening of the cervix so that patients tend to give a premature birth in their early trimester.

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