One of Halal Restaurants--Kamang Indah


There are many restaurants in Bandar Lampung: Japanese restaurants, Chinese food restaurants, Padang restaurants, and many more. All of Padang restaurants are considered to be halal restaurants since owners of the restaurants are divine Muslims.

Kamang Indah restaurant is the cheapest restaurant that sells clean and delicious foods in Bandar Lampung, Lampung, Indonesia. It opens at 7:00 in the morning and closes at 8:15 in the evening. Kamang Indah has 4 branches spreading throughout Bandar Lampung city. The one, which is most visited by is located in the center of the city very close to the hotels. No wonder this halal restaurant is always swamped, especially during lunch hour.

Having breakfast at Kamang Indah restaurant is recommended for those who love eating out, or for visitors to Bandar Lampung city because it serves delicious, fresh foods. You will have meat soup, minced meat curry (daging cincang), and grilled catfish (lele bakar).Grilled catfish served by Kamang Indah restaurant is very special and you won’t find such delicious grilled catfish else where.

Strategic Location

This halal restaurant of Kamang Indah being situated at the most strategic location has attracted a lot of people to come eat there. People come for several reasons: 1) the location is easiest to reach 2) the foods are more delicious and cheaper than other halal restaurants of the same level such as Dua Saudara Restaurant, which is also popular and has many branches. These two Padang restaurants are owned by Padang people but each has its food specialty.

Foreign visitors who have often visited Indonesia are probably used to Padang spicy curry, which mostly contains pepper, fat, and oily substance. What is so special about Kamang Indah halal restaurant is that buyers are trusted to calculate how many they have eaten? The waiters never figure out list of foods and drinks you have consumed. As soon as you have eaten, you can go straight to the cashier and tell him what you have eaten and drink

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