Picnic On The Beach--Is Pasir Putih Beach Worth Visiting?

Pasir Putih beach resort is one of many beach resorts in Bandar Lampung. In fact it is the oldest beach resorts. It is too bad that Pasir Putih beach resort is not professionally managed. There has been  no improvement in terms of facility and on weekends this beach is always overcrowded. I don't think having family picnic on the beach here is a good idea unless you go on other days when there are only a few visitors.

Pasir Putih beach resort is easy to reach. It is approximately 25 km from Bandar Lampung City. From the main road, the gate to enter the beach area is clearly seen as it is only 20 meters from the main road. Just turn left into the gate as soon as you see the sign post.

As soon as you enter the beach area, you will see there are so many souvenir stores selling articles made of sea shells. There are varied ornamental articles for your house decorations. Having too many such stores, to say nothing of food stalls, on the beach make picnicking on the beach dull.

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