Post Stroke Physical Conditions--How To Deal With them


Many cases of stroke were due to ischemia. After an attack of stroke such factors as glucose, body temperature and body position when resting on the bed can influence patient’s health.
In an article released by a journal a few health experts concluded their new research about treatment of patients who suffered ischemic stroke.

As many of us probably know that stroke occurs when blood flow to brain is suddenly blocked. Lack of blood in the brain causes brain cell damage.

Flaster from Loyola University of Medical Center said that period of post-attack of ischemic stroke was very risky. He further said that attention to treatment of ischemic stroke patients could prevent further damage to brain cell, minimize complication and optimize recovery.

Stroke treatment has two purposes—to minimize brain damage and to cure post stroke complications such as brain cell damage or physical lameness.
After analyzing several factors that influence stroke patients, researchers suggest:

·         Glucose Control
There must be relationships between hyperglycemia or high glucose and severe post-stroke conditions. Therefore, researchers advise that intense sugar level checking and insulin treatment should be done.

·         Cooling Treatment
For an increase of 1 degree Celsius of body temperature, the risk of death and severe disability of stroke patients have risen more than doubled. Cooling therapy helps patients of heart attack. At present, clinical test is being done to determine whether or not cooling treatment also help stroke patients.

·         Lying Supine as flat as possible
Patients’ position when lying is also important. If patients sit, the blood flow to the brain is hindered. The common practice is to keep patients lie on their back for 24 hours. If patients have breathing difficulty when lying, adjust the lying position that patients can tolerate

·         Other Physical Conditions As a Result of Stroke
Stroke results in other physical conditions deteriorating. For example, blood pressure, coronary disease, blood clots, lack of nutrients, infection, brain swelling, convulsions, and even repetitive stroke attack and brain bleeding. To avoid the physical conditions from worsening, quick medical treatment should be carried out.

Researches have shown that optimum effort made to help stroke patients will enable patients to stay at home and improve their quality of lives. Stroke patients may feel better when being medically treated at home with their families surrounding them. However, this can only be done if the above mentioned physical conditions have been avoided or successfully treated.

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