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Private Universities in Bandar Lampung

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Private Universities in Bandar Lampung
In addition to University of Lampung (Unila), there are a number of private universities that cater for educational needs of those who failed to enter University of Lampung or those who already have time to attend school after working hours. Some of the established private universities are:

·         University of Bandar Lampung (UBL)
·         College of Economics (STIE)
·         Lampung College of Administration (STIAL)
·         University of Tulangbawang
·         Malahayati University

There are still other private universities not yet listed above. The purposes of these educational institutions are to participate in educating all Indonesian people. University of Bandar Lampung (UBL), for instance, has graduated many people who now have some important positions in the government bodies. The existence of private universities is expected since University of Lampung (UNILA) cannot accept all graduates of senior high schools. Those who failed to enter Unila can still continue their studies at private universities. What it will take when they graduate is the knowledge they have that they can apply at their work environment.

Students of university no matter where they study are expected to pursue higher education levels. Some perhaps study at university because they want to follow suit. If you are really interested in having higher level of education, the Open University is worth trying.Many students have succeeded in passing the final exams and now have degrees from the Open University.

Parents should be able to tell their children that they should not be worried about what universities they will have to enter when they graduate from senior high school. All universities are good for them. What they should be concerned about is that they will have to graduate from universities of their own choices with flying color.

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