Prumpung Village In Lampung--A Different Chinese Neighborhood


Hidden and unknown to the visitors are Chinese neighborhood in Bandar Lampung. The village is called "Prumpung". You will find all houses occupied by Chinese families but they do not look like Chinese community we find in the city--they own big houses, shops, good cars and so on. The Chinese people living in Prumpung village are mostly poor. Their living environment is shabby and rather neglected. I will find further information on this village and come back with some pictures of them.

Prumpung village is located in the center of the Bandar Lampung city but not may know this area, especially if you are visitors, you will not know unless someone tells you about it.

I see most of them are street food sellers going from one place to another. They usually sell crackers and "mpek mpek". A few of them work in shops belonging to rich Chinese people or work as car or motorcycle mechanics. They have been living there for many years.


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