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Although the warning on bad effects of smoking is labelled on every pack of cigarette, smokers do not understand the message. Even some figures of world leaders were heavy smokers.

Smoking habits are found in all levels of society, even heads of state smoke or used to smoke.  Many of their habits were exemplary but their smoking habits were not the one. BBC, ABC, Gallery Huffingtonpost and The Telegraph summarized 6 figures of world leaders who smoked.

1.      Barack Obama (President of The United States of America)
On one occasion, Barack Obama once admitted that he had a smoking habit and smoked 7 to 8 cigarettes a day. His smoking habit was sharply highlighted when he was running for president. He is reported to stop smoking and he is now a non smoker.

2.      Soekarno (the first President of Indonesia)
In many of his diplomatic activities with world leaders, he was often seen enjoying his cigar. He was a smoker, and at present, the country he used to lead becomes one of smokers’ heavens with the death rate of more than 400,000 cases per year.

3.      Kim Jong-il (North Korea)
He used to be North Korean leader who died of stroke, diabetes and coronary disease in 2011. He passed away at the age of 69. During his life, he was known to be a heavy smoker and attempted to give up smoking in 2007.

4.      Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union)
This world figure was also well-known as a chained smoker. He headed Soviet Union till 1953. He died of coronary disease. In 1952 he tried to quit smoking but came to no avail.

5.      Fidel Castro (Cuba)
As of today, Cuba has been famous for her best cigar production. However, Fidel Castro, President of Cuba, had to give up smoking cigars in 1985 for health reasons.

6.      Mao Zedong (China)
In the past, China was headed by a heavy smoker, Mao Zedong and now has a significant number of smokers reaching 25% of China’s total population. The death rate due to smoking reaches 1 million cases per year.

Source: DetikHealth (translated with some modifications)

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