Souvenir Gift From Lampung


Typical souvenir from Lampung and where to find souvenir stores
Lampung is rich in natural resources that ca be processed as delicious typical foods from Lampung. Cassava, coconut, durian, and many more are further processed to become foods that can be brought home as souvenirs from souvenir store s in Lampung you have just visited. Such snacks as dried banana (keripik pisang), candied fruits (manisan buah), crackers (kerupuk), and many more can be found in almost every corner of the city of Bandar Lampung.

You can also bring home some Luwak coffee, which is very famous in Lampung and is high in demand. In addition to typical foods, you might be interested in Lampung woven cloth called Kain Tapis, and some t-shirts with special design to describe Lampung tradition as souvenir gift. All of these can be bought and brought home as memorabilia or souvenir gift from Lampung.

souvenir from Lampung
Where to Go To Get Souvenir?
As soon as you are in Bandar Lampung, ask someone at the hotel or taxi drivers to take you to Jalan Ikan Kakap, Jl. Kartini or Jl.Kota Raja to buy your souvenirs. Most souvenir stores are close to your hotel. There are still other souvenir stores you can visit to choose several souvenirs and typical foods but their locations are a bit farther. They are on Jl. ZA Pagar Alam, along which you will see a lot of shops selling typical foods—candied fruits, dried banana, fish crackers and many more. Prices of souvenir among souvenir stores are more or less the same.

The best time to visit Bandar Lampung is when durians are in season (if you like durians). As I know many European people do not like durians. However, Asians are like Indonesians. They love eating durians. Make sure you do not forget going back home with special and typical souvenir gift from Lampung.

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