Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bus Rapid Transit Caused Strike by Mikrolet Drivers Continued Three Days

By on 7:37 PM

Sopir Angkot are still going on strike till May 3rd, 2012. The strike has started on May 1st and is continuing till May 3rd, 2012. According to some information (as also mentioned in local newspapers) that the strike was intended to protest the Bus Rapid Transit operations in Bandar Lampung. Some drivers of mikrolet or angkot said that since Bus Rapid Transit operations were launced their income has dropped. Mikrolet drivers also told that RBT drivers picked up passengers at will. They don't pick passengers up from the Bus Rapid Transit bus stops. They said they would continue to go on strike till their demands were met.

"As a resident of Bandar lampung, I think Bus Rapid Transit is a lot better. Passengers feel safe riding with it. It is more comfortable than angkot or mikrolet," said one of the people who travels by BRT almost every day. A few angkot drivers are also still too young who drive the cars too fast and make passengers feel afraid. It is hoped that the local government of Bandar lampung City will manage the transport system and impose sanction to wild mikrolet drivers. BRT should go on, while mikrolet public transport can also still operate provided they abide by the transport regulations.

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