Sugar--Stay Away From It If You Want To Look Younger


Stop taking sugar if you want to look younger
Sugar seems a part of your daily diets--bread, donut, milk, coffee and many more foods that are mixed with sugar. Consuming it excessively will damage your physical appearance, especially your skin.

What does sugar contain so that it may trigger diseases if you eat too much? Sugar contains molecules that attach to the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin when your blood sugar rises quickly and repeatedly.  These later create compounds that are called “advanced glycation end- products”. As these compounds accumulate, adjacent proteins are rotten, leading to flabby skin, and discouraging wrinkles. In other words, sugar not only eats away at your skin elasticity but may trigger serious illnesses as well.

If you are already a regular sugar eater or have been accustomed to consuming sugar in all your diet, you will find it hard to get rid of your sugar-eating habit at all. However, you can start eschewing your sugar consumption. If for instance, you drink sweet coffee three times a day, you can give it a try to drink it only twice a day until you feel comfortable drinking it with much less sugar. Now it depends on what you want—still want to have sugar or healthy and youthful skin. The choice is yours.

Actually, you can still get natural sugar from fruits, which are safe to consume. You can have papaya, and many other sweet fruits. White sugar that we used to mix with other drinks will only raise blood sugar level.
According to anti-aging specialists, a rise in your blood sugar level results in inflammation on a cellular level, which leads your skin to shockingly sag and wrinkle. C’mon guys! Get your hands off that donut!

Many doctors have already asserted that sugar only scrapes out your skin’s collagen and elastin. Isn’t it scary! If you really consider staying young and beautiful, the only way is you make an effort to cut back on sugar.
Dr. Robert Lustig, a hormone specialist, mentioned in his research that sugar is toxic that not only ages you but causes you to be sick and fat as well.

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