Sukhoi Airliner Superjet 100--Missing with 50 People On Board

Mount Salak where the crash happened
Again, another tragic incident happened in Indonesia. Sukhoi Airliner Super jet 100 is missing when flying over Mt Salak. It has 50 passengers on it. It was said that the airliner was on its second demo flight and suddenly lost contact. The last contact made was at 2:33 p.m Jakarta Time. It was also reported that the weather around Mount Salak was bad.

It seemed that Emergency locator transmitter (TLT) of Sukhoi Airliner did not work as the nearby transmitter receivers did not detect any transmitter from the craft. Even the transmitter can normally be detected by neighboring countries’ signal recievers. 

The Indonesian Search and Rescue Agency had mobilized 2 choppers to investigate the detected last location of the missing craft but had to return fruitless due to bad weather. Ground teams are also being mobilized to work together with local police squad to find the location of the aircraft.
The plane started to disappear from the radar screen when descending from 10,000 feet to 3,000 feet over mountainous area.

Kompas had released a list of Indonesian passengers (36 passengers listed) who are supposed to be on missing Sukhoi plane. See the list of Passengers here. However, according to Russian Embassy Press, of 46 passengers listed, there are 2 Russian passengers whose names are not officially listed.

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