Sukhoi Superjet Victims--22 Fingerprints Identified


National Police Hospital in East Jakarta is now increasingly busy with identification work on hundreds of the victims’ bodies. According to based on the information quoted from a spokesman Sr. Comr. Boy Rafli Amar that Disaster Victim Identification team has so far identified 22 fingerprints of Sukhoi Superjet 100 victims. The 22 fingerprints were taken from 18 bags received by Victim Identification team at the hospital.

At present, Disaster Victim Identification team (DVI) needs reagent, chemical substance used for verification process by way of DNA method. The availability of reagent will accelerate identification of Sukhoi Superjet victims.

We are not certain whether or not the National Police Hospital Sukanto, East Jakarta, has sufficient reagent as more pieces of the victims’ bodies have increased.

Up to last Monday, there had been hundreds of pieces of body parts transferred from the crash site. Each of body pieces will be DNA tested to identify the victims.

“We are expecting DNA assistance from Russia that will be presented by DNA specialist Professor Ivanov, on Tuesday (15/5/2012). He is to come to work together with the identification team at the hospital,” said Director of National Police Hospital in East Jakarta, brigadier general Agus Prayitno.

Meanwhile, such supplies as corpse preservatives, DNA reading machine, and corpse boxes in the mortuary are still adequate.

Identification process with DNA test will be carried out to have accurate result (approximately 99% accuracy). However, the consequences are that it takes a long time, and costs a lot of money. One test, big or small, costs around Rp.6 millions. This cost is only for DNA test, to say nothing of other secondary identifications.

I believe the cost of DNA test will not be borne by the family members of the victims, or perhaps part of the insurance claims will be set aside to cover the hospital expenses. It is reported that each family members of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 victims will receive an insurance amounting to US$50,000.00 as soon as victim identification process is complete.

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