The Sun And Fish Prevent Stroke Attacks


 There are many things you can do to prevent stroke attack. Two of the things that I am going to tell you about are morning sunlight and consumption of vitamin D rich fish. Vitamin D is naturally produced by your skin when exposed to the morning sun and also found in fish and some other foods like nut, fish, beans and others.

An American scientist found a person lacking in vitamin D was prone to have stroke attacks by more than a fifth, while those having lower vitamin D levels would possible have the risk of stroke attack by more than 22% compared to those with higher vitamin D levels. This shows that vitamin D from morning sun produced by the skin and fish eating habits will reduce the risk of having stroke attacks.

Keep in mind that lower vitamin D levels possibly causes an ischaemic stroke, where the blood clot accumulated in the brain blood vessel but did not result in a haemorrhagic stroke caused by the damage of blood vessel in the brain.

“Our study confirms that eating foods rich in vitamin D might be beneficial for stroke prevention,” said Dr Gotaro Kojima, one of the researchers as quoted from The Telegraph by Detikhealth, Monday (28/5/2012)

Dr Kojima stated that vitamin D from foods and supplements were of greater importance for older people. This is because vitamin D from the sun is rather difficult due to the increase in age.
The result was based on the study conducted for 34 years involving 7,500 middle aged and elderly Japanese and American people living in the island.  The researchers measured vitamin D levels they got either from the sun or foods they consumed.

Dr Kojima in a stroke journal of American Heart association suggested that adequate vitamin D from the sun and such foods as beans and fish should be obtained to prevent stroke attacks.

Source: Detikhealth (28/5/2012)

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