Can We Eat Before A Physical Workout?


Morning Exercise Routines--Can we eat before working out?
Morning physical exercise routines is a part of health-conscious people like you. If your morning physical exercise is heavy  and strenuous and more than one hour, you are advised to have something to eat at least 2 hours before you start your workout.

Those who regularly perform physical exercises sometimes get confused about whether or not to eat before a morning workout. If they do, they may have stomach problem or if they don’t, they may experience weakness and loss of power during a workout.

To be on the safe side is that  you  eat two hours before a strenuous physical exercise for the simple reason that you need energy to be used for your exercise. When you wake up in the morning, you have no more energy since the energy has been used up during your sleep at night. Therefore, it is always important to eat 2 hours before your morning exercise to raise blood sugar to be used during your workout. You may eat some bread or full grain cereal, drink low fat milk, juice or a piece of banana. Those foods are good for morning workout energy. Do not have it too much as it may cause you to experience stomach discomfort or stomach cram. If you eat fruits, you can have it one hour before working out. Never try to exercise without having anything to eat unless you are already used to it.

Can we eat or drink during an exercise? Is that okay without causing stomach pain? Well,you can do that as long as you consume energy drink or foods, fresh fruits like banana, yogurt, and fruit juice. However,these foods will not improve your physical performance but only avoid you from being into starvation during an exercise.

After a strenuous physical workout, you are suggested to eat to replenish your energy lost during your physical workout. What is the best food to eat after a hard exercise? You can have yogurt or fruits, bread with meat, peanut or eat rice with fish and vegetables. You can have nothing to eat if you are used to not doing it. Like me, for instance, I never have anything to eat after a 30 minute jogging in the morning.  I usually wait till my lunch time.

If your physical exercise is more than 60 minutes, bring something to drink to get hydrated. If the exercise is very strenuous, energy drink is recommended for you as you may need additional electrolyte.
Two hours before an exercise drink 2 or more glasses of water. Have a glass of water during your exercise. If the weather is warm, you can drink more as evaporation of your sweat is higher.

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