Coconut Water---The Purest Water That Makes Us Healthy


If you visit Indonesia, especially to Bandar Lampung, Lampung, Indonesia, you will find a lot of coconut trees. Most coconut trees grow near the beach. When coconuts are old enough, farmers or owners of coconut trees pluck them all. Old coconuts are usually sold in the traditional markets to be used for food ingredients. Some coconut sellers only sell coconut milk after coconut flesh is grated and squeezed.
What benefits can we get from drinking coconut milk?

Coconut is reported to contain mineral and rich nutrition. In villages where medial help is difficult to obtain, coconut water is used to replace intravenous fluid.
Young coconut water is said to be the purest fat-free liquid. The carbohydrate it contains is low. Sugar is also low in coconut water. What else does coconut water contain? According to health specialists, coconuts are also rich in potassium, nutrition, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B, C, zinc, iodine, and sulfur.
Let me describe some other benefits of coconut water:

Coconut water keeps us hydrated
what makes us hydrated? You need electrolyte to keep your body hydrated during or after strenuous training session. And you can get electrolyte from coconut water, which contains sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium.

Coconut water helps us lose our unwanted weight

Calorie-rich drinking water makes us fat. To lose those unwanted fat, have coconut water and throw away your calorie-rich water as coconut water coconut water contains low calorie.

Immune system is strengthened by drinking coconut water regularly
Breast milk contains lauric acid, which is also found in coconut water. Lauric acid works as antimicrobial , antibacterial, and also antifungal. In order that your immune system is strengthened, we are told to drink coconut water regularly.

It improves blood circulation
Metabolism is enhanced if we drink coconut as coconut water helps carry nutrition and oxygen into blood cell. And digestive system will also be better.
Coconut water helps cure nausea
Patients suffering from typhoid malaria, or other diseases causing nausea will become better after taking in some coconut water.
Bright and clear skin
we are lucky if we have a lot of coconuts in the traditional market. We can use some coconut water to cleanse our oily faces. Coconut water is said to be able to get rid of oil on our faces and make our skin soft. After using mask, we can also wash our faces with coconut milk.
There are still other benefits of drinking coconut water, which you can find from other sources. I hope you all can get enough information from this article.


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