Danger Of Cancer--11 Ways To Avoid It


Nowadays, cancer seems like a part of everyone's life, especially those who live in the city, where many factors like bad lifestyle, pollution, and contaminated foods that are sometimes unavoidable.
I think you can be free from the risk of cancer if only you lead a healthy lifestyle. At least three things you should keep in mind—1) your diet, 2) physical exercise routines, and stay away from smoking and secondhand smoke around you. A health specialist said that approximately 70% of cancer disease is caused by bad lifestyle.

According to Prevention, there are about 12 ways to prevent cancer. Please pay attention to each of them if you want to have cancer-free life.
1.      Have your tap water filtered
Tap water is reported to contain carcinogen and chemical substances that impair other hormones. According to a report, filtering tap water will reduce carcinogen effect. The filtered tap water is much safer than bottled water, which is an often time of low quality. Even in several cases bottled water is worse than city water supply. It is also important to store water in stainless or glass containers. These containers are good to prevent chemical contamination from plastic bottles.
2.     Immerse your meat in water before you roast it
Roasted meat may contain chemical compound that causes cancer. The chemical compound called heterocyclic amine (HCA) is created when the meat is roasted at high temperature and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons merge with meat as it is being roasted.

The recommendation to avoid roasted meat is often heard and in fact it is based on solid scientific evidence. If you insist on having your meat grilled, immerse the meat in water mixed with rosemary and thyme for about an hour before grilling it as rosemary and thyme are believed to be rich in antioxidants that can cut off HCA by about 87%.

3.     Drink coffee everyday
I like this part as I am a regular coffee drinker. According to a study conducted in England in 20120, those who drink caffeinated coffee everyday have reduced risk of brain cancer by 40%; so, drink at least 5 cups of coffee everyday to prevent the risk of throat and mouth cancer. English researchers have said that drinking coffee protects you from brain cancer better than drinking tea.
4.     Drink a lot of fresh water
American Cancer Society suggests that we should drink at least 8 glasses of fresh water a day. By drinking a lot of water, prostate cancer can be avoided as concentrate agent that causes cancer can help expel it more quickly.
5.     Have more dark green vegetables as the chlorophyll is rich in magnesium, which, according to studies, lowers the risk of colon cancer in women.

6.     Snack Brazil nuts
Dartmouth Medical School found that Brazil nuts contain selenium, and antioxidant that lower the risk of bladder cancer in women. Other researchers also found that people with high selenium have lower risk of death compared to lung and colon cancer sufferers. Researchers have come to the conclusion that selenium not only protects cells from free radical damage but improves immune system and pressures blood vessels that feeds cancer-causing tumor.
7.     Light physical exercise will cut off the risk of your breast cancer by 18% and regular workout can lower the risk as your exercise, the fat is burned resulting in estrogen to fight cancer.

8.     Regular check of your breast
Women who have gone through mammogram have cancer risk 4 to 5 times higher than women with lower breast density score. One theory has said that breast density is caused by high levels of estrogen; so, it is important for women with high breast density to do physical exercises regularly.

9.     Do not use laundry drier as the solvent known as PERC used in a laundry drier can cause heart and kidney cancer, as well as leukemia. Workers at laundry services often fall victim to the risk of cancer as they directly deal with the handling of chemical materials used in the machines although health specialists have not concluded that laundry customers may also fall victim to the cancer.
The best way to avoid this is to use your hands to wash your clothes with mild soap and dry in the air. Clean the washing place with white vinegar.

10.   Use hands free mobile phone when making calls
Using hands free kits can reduce radio frequency emission that may cause cancer. Although there is no consistent and conclusive evidence that the radio frequency emission may cause cancer but several studies show relations between radio emission and the cancer.
11.   Use colorful clothes when you are out in the sun to block UV light that may cause skin cancer. Spanish scientist in his research found that combination blue and red color of your clothes protects you from ultra violet rays better than white and yellow clothes. Also don’t forget to wear a hat although melanoma may attack on any skin surface but in most cases, skin directly exposed to sunlight is prone to cancer. The researchers from University of North Caroline in Chapel Hill have found that those with melanoma in their skin on the head and neck have almost twice the risk of death than other sufferers of cancer in other parts of the body.

Eat clean foods. Meat should be free from antibiotic and added hormone as it is supposed to cause endocrine including cancer. You are also recommended to buy organic foods. If that is not possible, rinse the foods thoroughly to get rid of the residue.

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