Drug Abuse--How To Prevent It From Happening


Who is responsible for drug abuse among adolescents?
Drugs and medicines are two words that we often hear. Both words have something to do with the topic of health. The latter almost always has a positive meaning but the former may also have a negative meaning.
According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English the word drug may be defined as follows:

1.       a medicine, or a substance for making medicines
2.       an illegal substance such as those used by adolescents , which some people take in order to feel happy, relaxed, or excited

Because drugs can relieve severe pain, people seek drugs to help them whenever they feel their pain is no longer bearable. People also use drugs to get rid of their personal problems. They might even use drugs without any good reason except to show their friends that they are cool and have guts. This instance often takes place among youth of today. Have you got any idea why most of drug users are adolescent people? How are drugs at the present time being abused rather than being properly used for the drugs’ true functions, i.e. treating illnesses and relieving pain? What do you think drug users expect to feel when they use drugs?

When drugs are repeatedly abused over a long period of time, users derive benefits to develop a tolerance for the drugs they are consuming. This is especially true in the case of youth. Drug abuse can result in a large-scale moral deterioration of the young generation due to the negative effects of drugs in the body and the mind. As health-conscious people, we certainly have to make an all out effort to prevent this from happening. Rather than making recreational drugs be legalized, I am afraid we should work together to prevent drug abuse. There has been an increased effort to prevent drug abuse both through early education in schools and mass media efforts.
In some countries, efforts have been made to create public awareness of the causes and effects of adolescent drug abuse. Committees that are composed of parents and young people have participated in holding discussions to generate individuals, groups, and community involvement in the formulation and implementation of drug abuse prevention programs.


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