Hash House Harriers--Lampung Hash On Taman Batuputu


photo by Hendry Hozali facebook.
Lampung Hash Event: Taman Batu Putu, dated June 3rd, 2012-06-03
Batu Putu is a village on a beautiful hilly terrain that connects Telukbetung to Kemiling district through a protected forest. On top of the hill is a flat terrain where some villages are located. Batuputu is the most visited area. The visitors can do a lot of things for physical activities like trekking, walking, going down to the valley to reach a clear and clean river that flows down.

Lampung hashers, as usual, gathered at the meeting point (on-in) at 06:45 in the morning and do the aerobics as warming up. Not all hashers participate in the aerobics but female hashers usually do not want to miss out on it.
As we looked at the location, we know that the hashers would be going down to the river, toiling along  the stream, and climbing up the slope back to the down-down. A few hashers seemed to limp up the hill. They might have slipped along the river and hurt themselves.
The hash horn was blown loudly, jarring on the ears. All present hashers set off following the stone steps down the slope of a hill. The shredded paper to be followed started off just about 500 meters from the parking lots. “On on!” shouted the ring master as he found the shredded paper, which means he was on the proper trail. The on-on shout was answered by some hashers in the back pack by shouting “On down!” which means they are ready to start going down as the paper-marked trail gradually goes down.

photo by Hendry Hozali facebook
Most strong male hashers were fully equipped with shoes specially designed to run on slippery trails. On the way back up through the stone step, all hashers seemed wet—wet with sweat and shoes wet with river water. All clean shiny shoes have now turned into wet, dirt-covered shoes. Hashing is different to normal jogging most people do in the city park. Hashing means not only physical exercise but also being close to the nature. Hashers enjoy jogging and running on the paper-marked trails in the jungle. Sometimes, they have to negotiate with difficult terrains but are always happy as packs of hashers help each other on the trails.


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