Hula Hoop To Stay Slim and Healthy


One of the UK's leading singers, Grace Jones is still slim at that her 64 year old age. The last time Grace showed in public during a concert celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, she was asked what the secret of her being slim was.  Grace admitted that it was all due to her performing hula hoop.

Hula hoop is in fact a very popular sport in the UK. If you have time browsing then you will find many communities and hula hoop classes across the country.

One of the hula hoop classes was managed by Mazzula Hula from Edinburgh. Before managing the hula hoop class, Mazzula had been a teacher and cabaret artist.

According Mazzula, playing hula hoop is much more fun than aerobics in the gym because you don’t have to sweat a lot. Moreover, playing hula hoop is good for mothers as it very effectively tightens the abdominal muscles.

Before practicing, make sure you have your own hoop which weighs from 800-1200 g. If you are a novice hula hoop player, you’d better start with a lighter hoop. In fact, you do not have to go to the gym or special classes because hula hoop skill that you will get is determined by how diligent you are in practicing. Do not forget to warm up before exercising.

After warming up, you're ready to start playing the hula hoop. Here is how you can play the hula hoop:

Stand straight with feet apart, slightly bends your knees and your feet flat on the floor. Then position the hula hoop around your waist.
Tighten your abdominal muscles then play hula hoop counter-clockwise. Release your hands off the hula hoop slowly; turn your hips in rhythm so that the hula hoop is spun at your waist.
Position your arms over your head. Make a consistent rotation and adjust your breathing to keep hula hoop spinning.

For beginners, practice about 10 minutes then rest for 15 minutes before starting again.

10 minutes of playing hula hoop proved to burn 100 calories. Even a study by the American Council on Exercise found that playing the hula hoop for an hour can burn calories as much as aerobics for an hour.

Never think that playing hula hoop is a child’s play. According to a study, playing hula hoop may require your heart to beat at more than 150 beat per minute. This figure is certainly high enough.

"These findings also prove that playing hula hoop makes the whole body move to increase flexibility and balance while strengthening the back muscles, abdomen, arms and legs," he said.

In addition, playing hula hoop does not require much money and space as you can do it in the living room with bare legs and T-shirt pickup.

You can even make your own hoop with things that are around you like a pipe, for instance. Shape the pipe that suits you.  You can measure it from the top of your hip bones down to the floor.

"It also means you can choose a hoop weight that suits you. The heavier the hoop, the easier it is to rotate more slowly around the body, whereas a lighter hoop is available at the toy store. You can use it in order that it can turn quickly to maintain the hips, "said Mazzula.

More than that, its fun playing the hula hoop. Even you can play it in rhythm with the music that accompanies you. While you hula hoop, you can wave your hands, swing your body, and do a couple of punches as you like. This variation of hula hoop play will add to the fun of playing the hula hoop.


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