Jogging Under The Shade Makes Your Mind Calmer


Compared with indoor sports such as in the gym, outdoor sports, especially under the tree shade give more calming effect. Cortisol levels or stress hormone may drop by 50 percent while breathing fresh air. So, if you jog outside, make sure you choose the shady parks, or pavement. Or you will be better off joining a Hash House Harriers in your city because this club chooses forests as the hashing site.

Scientists from Glasgow University have proved it after making observations of 2,000 adults who are physically active enough. Most diligently exercise in the gym, while others are conditioned to exercise in a shady park or a forest edge.

The observation results showed that participants who exercise outdoors seldom experience stress-related complaints such as depression and insomnia. The research team led by Prof. Richard Mitchell concluded that the trees are very influential factors.

"This is consistent with what we believe so far that the brain likes a natural atmosphere and the response of the brain is characterized by decreased levels of stress," said Prof Mitchell was quoted as saying by the Telegraph, Thursday (06/21/2012).

In addition to relieving stress as revealed in this study, outdoor sports can also provide other benefits. The air tending to be cleaner and fresher, jogging in the forest or park can make the lungs healthier as parks and forests are free from pollution.

Given the difference between the effects of outdoor sport with the indoor, Prof. Mitchell suggested that people should take the time once a week for outdoor sports. You will get multiple benefits--your body becomes fitter and mind became calmer.

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