Lampung Hash--Sap Tapping Run

[Lampung Hash]

Lampung Hash—Rubber Sap Tapping Run

New fancy dress and shoes

We all parked the cars opposite a house belonging to the rubber plantation guard who is always kind enough to allow us to use the trails of the rubber plantation. At exactly 6:30 am 300 hashers had arrived at the on-in site.  The remaining 30 minutes were used by a hash cash to collect all hashing fees and gave a snack coupon to each hasher in return.

Knowing the terrain of the rubber plantation, many hashers were wearing party dresses and shoes. Why? Because the trails are flat and easy so that a five-year-old kid can go hashing in the rubber plantation with hands down. What I am trying to say here is that all terrains are flat and shady. No thirst no sweat runs. All hashers’ clothes remained dry and fragrant, and shoes were dry and dirt less.

The ring master did not show up this time but luckily we still had the hash flash who cleverly took the photos while running along the trail. All male and a few female hashers ran, while the rest just walked lazily talking through their hats.

Within an hour the pack of hashers who took the long trail arrived at the down-down near the parked cars, and half an hour later, a group of short trailers showed up from behind the house. All returned safely to the meeting point.

Everyone had a coupon to take snack and drink and it is always the right time to eat greedily after a long walk. The snack eating and drinking is usually a good opportunity to socialize among hashers. New comers can introduce themselves while eating and drinking.

For this sap tapping run, there were no freebees provided by the hash committee. However, all were satisfied about the run and thanked the hare and cohares for providing such a nice trail. After the down-down everybody went home feeling healthy and fit.


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