Lampung Province To Build Higway in 2013


Lampung Province Government Soon Discuss Technical Plan of Highway Construction
Lampung Province is an important gate for Java and Sumatera to pass through. So far, Lampung province has highway through which transportation to and from Java can run smoothly. The positive effect of highway construction from South Sumatera to Tarahan is potential revenue for the local government of Lampung.

In the near future, the government of Lampung Province will soon discuss the technical plan of Highway Construction with Central Government. Head of Lampung Regional Development Board Fachrizal Darminto explained that the discussion will focus on financial support from Central Government. “We will discuss the technical plan of Highway construction based on accurate calculations of the required design and specifications,” said Fachrizal on Tuesday (5/6/2012)

The technical discussion will be underway only after the Government of Lampung Province has carried out coordination with Public Work Ministry, Economic Coordinator Ministry, and National Development Board.
According to Fachrizal, the technical meeting will enable us to find economical value of The Highway construction in the hope that private sector will be interested in investing in the Highway construction. If there is a discrepancy between the needed budget and total investment from private sector, the state’s budget and the local budget will be allocated.

It is expected that based on the technical meeting that will be held, the Central Government will provide budget for the Highway construction, which is scheduled to start in 2013.
The Government of Lampung Province will prioritize land clearing, and for this purpose, the government has urged PT Bukit Asam, which has cleared the land from Muara Enim (South Sumatera) to Tarahan (South Lampung) to be used for double track railway constructions. The Government of Lampung expects that part of the land can be used for the Highway construction.

The land clearing for highway construction from Tarahan, South Lampung to Bakauheni seaport will hopefully be tackled by Central Government.

News Source: Tribun Lampung

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