The Location for Radin Inten II International Airport Needs Reconsidering


According to  Ginta Wiryasenjaya, a businessman and an initiator of Lampung Transport Connection considers it less probable for the local government plan to have Radin Inten II Airport upgraded to be an international airport and pilgrimage embarkation for the simple reason that the present area of Radin Inten Airport to be upgraded is too risky for the nearby residents as the main Sumatera road passes close to the airport in addition to the area not being large enough for an international airport. In terms of economic value this will not add to the local government revenue either. He suggested the area for the international airport be built elsewhere. He said that Way Kanan Regency (approximately 3 hours by bus) was a good choice.

The choice of Way Kanan Regency as the site for International Airport in Lampung was supported by Chairman of the Parliament for Lampung Province Marwan Cik Asan as quoted from Tribun Lampung. His support was based on the revenue distribution between South Lampung and Way Kanan. South Lampung already has Bakauheni port, and Way Kanan will have an international airport.
Ginta further explained that Branti area, where Radin Inten II Airport is currently located, has already dense population, and is overloaded with land transportation as it is very close to inter Sumatera highway.

“This condition makes Branti not potential for an international airport including facility for pilgrimage embarkation,” Ginta said. He is also of the opinion that upgrading Radin Inten II Airport to the international level is a wrong step as this will involve a lot of money clearing the land for the expansion of the runways, let alone perhaps the possible displacement of the residents living nearby.
Governor of Lampung, Sachroedin ZP in response to the statement made by Ginta Wiryasenjaya confirmed that the upgrading of Radin Inten II Airport will go as planned. He believes that Radin Inten II Airport being at international level will give a positive impact on other regions’ economic improvement and inter region transportation network will not be impaired.

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