Mangosteen Skin--What Can We Do With It?


As we know that mangosteens have a lot of benefits for health. Some of the benefits are that mangosteens can protect you from Alzheimer, heart attack, and other diseases. Blood sugar level can also be reduced if you consume mangosteen regularly.

After eating mangosteen, do you throw away the skin? I am sure many of you do. From now on whenever you eat mangosteen, do not throw away its skin as mangosteen skin has also several benefits for your health.
The benefits of mangosteen skin are believed to cure various kinds of diseases as the skin produces xanthone compound that is formed by the result of its skin isolation. The xanthone content may be about 123.97 mg per ml. Anti inflammation and antioxidant are also produced by xanthone. There are still many other benefits of xanthone. Its compound can ward free radicals and prevent cell damage so that cell degeneration process can be slowed down.

Recently scientists have been performing a test of mangosteen skin potential as antidote of HIV Aids.  Let’s hope that the test will result in antidote of the most feared deadly disease such as HIV Aids.
In Indonesia, mangosteen skin has been used as traditional medicines for many years.

Some of the benefits of mangosteen skin are as follows:
It can improve your immune system.
It heals inflammation.
It helps reduce migraine
It aids the lymphatic system.
It improves communication between cells.
It maintains optimal thyroid function.
It helps reduce weight.
It eliminates bite marks, burns and poisoning.
It relieves hemorrhoids.
It reduces blood sugar level.
It heals neurodermatitis.
It prevents coronary disease.
It lowers blood pressure.
It reduces cholesterol level.
It helps prevent arteriosclerosis.
It helps stop diarrhea.
It works as medicines to reduce tightness / congestion in the nose (decongestant).
It relieves small or large bowel inflammation known as Crohn's disease.

Good news for those who want to stay and look young. Mangosteen skin can give you what you want:
It increases energy, stamina, and enhance good mood.
It prevents aging.
It overcomes stress.
It gets rid of pimples.

There are still more benefits of mangosteen skin.
Now, how are you going to use the mangosteen skin? What do you need to do?
Here are some of the things you can do.
Wash the skin thoroughly.
Boil the washed skin in 4 glasses of water.
Wait till the boiling water decreases to 2 glasses.
Filters the water to separate it from the skin.
Wait till the filtered water cools down, then drink it.


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