Marturia Church--The Oldest Church


The Oldest Church in Bandar Lampung City
The old buildings that still exist, are Marturia church, Mushowirul Iman, and Al Abror mosques. They had been built before the Independent Day of Indonesia was declared. It is only Marturia church that still keeps its original design of the building.

I was just strolling along Jl.Imam Bonjol and amazed at the beauty of the church building, which according to me, has not experienced physical changes. So far I haven’t had a close look at it. I just found it incredible such an old building could stay in place without anyone trying to “tease” it.

The church called Marturia has been in existence for many years. It is said to be built in 1948. It is true that the church is still in its original architecture design. It still looks solid and majestic. The church still stands on its place since it was first built. Incredible!

In fact, the existance of old buildings like Marturia church and a few other mosques built before the independent day of Indonesia add value to the history of Lampung. These kinds of historical buildings are worth preserving and their existance should be protected.

As I was observing the church, my mind travelled back to my childhood. It was first blurred but then appeared clear in my mind what I did when I was a child. I still remember walking to my elementary school, which was in back of the church and next to the junior economic school building. Imam Bonjol Street next the church was only travelled by horse-drawn carts, which were the only public transport at the time.

To the right side of the church, there used to be an armed force base, which is now a row of shops. In the back of the church there used to be a state-owned junior economic school building with a large front yard where some big pecan trees grew. It is now a very crowded big traditional market place. Just to the left side of the church there used to be a military police housing complex, which are now shops. All that were around the church were torn down and have been replaced with market places and shops. Marturia church has stood there as if the hands of the local government were not able to move it.

Bandar Lampung city has changed a lot—buildings, streets, and traditions. Nevertheless, Marturia Church still stands there firm and unchanged.


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