Morning Exercise Routines--What To Eat Before Workout


Eating before your morning physical exercise is very important as you can avoid cram orweakness during your exercise. Morning exercise is essential as it will keep you healthy and fit and you will have energy needed for the whole day from morning exercise routine.
Running or walking in the morning without anything to eat will cause you to lose energy, while eating too much just before you start an exercise will causedigestion problems. So, the best way is to eat it one hour before you start an exercise. Some suggest 2 hours before a very strenuous physical excise that lasts for more than 60 minutes.
Not all foods are good to consume before any physical exercise. So, choose the ones that are safe to eat. The foods that are good as follows:
• Banana
Bananas are easily digested. It contains carbohydrate, magnesium and potassium that are beneficial for anyone who is active in physical exercises. Carbohydrate in a banana provides energy, while potassium and magnesium protect you from cram and replace the lost liquid in your body through sweat. Liquid content in fruits help you hydrated.

• Bagel and Peanut jam
Wheat bagel is a source of carbohydrate that works well when consumed before a physical activity like jogging or running in the morning. A thin layer of peanut jam on top of bagel will provide some protein to help you feel satiated. Stay away from butter as it contains too much fat that usually causes digestion problems.

• Oatmeal
Oatmeal is a healthy food for your morning physical exercise as it provides carbohydrate and protein. In order to taste sweet, you can add some ripe banana. To save your time, cook a batch of oatmeal, then use a microwave to heat it. You can have it one hour before you start an exercise. This is faster and you can go out earlier.

• Yogurt
You know that all yogurts contain protein but Greek yogurt contains more; so, you choosethis one to consume before your morning exercise. You can mix plain yogurt with fresh fruit of your own choice.

• Water
Hydration is an important component to provide any physical activity. Drink a lot of fresh water just before you start your morning exercise to moisturize your body. Continue drinking while you are jogging or running to keep yourself well hydrated.  If possible you can have energy drink if the workout is strenuous.

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