Mount Balau Hash Event

[Hashing: June 17th, 2012]

Mount Balau Run (Villa Inggris) On Way Gubak Village

The down-down site and the on-in site are more often the same site. However, for this run the down-down ceremony was performed at the transmitter station located on Mount Balau, from which the scenery of the whole Bandar Lampung can clearly be enjoyed.

All hashers gathered just below the transmitter station. They all parked their vehicles there. From this parking lot, hashers can enjoy part of Lampung Bay but the space provided for a social gathering is not sufficient.
The run started a little late as they were all expecting the ring master to arrive but he did not turn up. The hash master soon asked all to form a circle as he had to announce what the trails looked like. No matter whether or not there are new comers or visiting hashers, the hash master find it necessary to announce clearly what the run is like.

Off them all went starting climbing up the hill. It seemed there was no descent till they reached the down-down site on top of Mount Balau. No hashers seemed to jog or run as the trails snake up to the top.
Some strong runners seemed to be puffing and blowing and had to stop to lower their heart rate and those who thought they wouldn’t be able to make it had to turn back to the on-in.

Although the run was tough, all hashers enjoyed it so much because every time they stopped to take their breath, they enjoyed the spectacular view of Lampung Bay and of Bandar Lampung City. It’s too bad; the hash flasher did not photograph these two breathtaking views.

After about 75 minutes of toiling up the hill, all Lampung hashers who took the trails finally made it to the top, where all provided drinks and foods were waiting for them. What happened to the hashers who went back to the parking lot? They showed up on top of Mount Balau, too. They took an asphalt road driving their cars to the transmitter station from another direction. What sinners they are! 

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