Smokers Have Grown Rampant In Indonesia

Despite the fact that smoking is bad and endangering one’s life, the number of smokers actually increased rather than decreased more than doubled. In Indonesia, the fact is understandable as the government has so far not regulated the consumption of cigarettes.

The number of smokers in Indonesia reached 65.2 millions in 2010. This figure rose twofold if compared to the figure in 1995. Among 65.2 million smokers, 4.8 millions were female smokers. If compared to the figure in 1995, the figure in 2010 had risen fourfold.
Indonesia is a promising market share for cigarette industries. As the country with the fourth biggest population in the world, where smoking prohibition is not yet adequately regulated, cigarette industries have mushroomed in Indonesia.

As we know smoking has no positive benefits for health. And the increase in the number of young and female smokers has raised concern so far. Research result from Demography Institution of Economics Faculty of University of Indonesia in 2010 revealed the worrying number of very young smokers aged 10 to 14. The number rose from 71,126 people in 1995 to 426,214 people in 2007.
The figure has raised concern because from 2020 to 2030, Indonesia will experience demographic bonus that is the number of productive age population is bigger than non productive age. What will happen if the people of productive age are not healthy because of smoking?
It is revealed in details that young female smokers aged 15-19 had increased five times—0.3% to 1.6% of the total number of smokers in Indonesia, while the increase in young male smokers was only 2-fold—14% in 1995 to 37% in 2007.

The number of grown up male smokers increase twofold. If in 1995, one in three people were smokers, and in 2010 two in three were smokers. This means that it is getting more difficult to find non smokers. According to a researcher, the increase in the number of smokers is due to the government not yet issuing tight regulations on smoking and cigarette promotions. Children have easy access to smoking as many vendors selling cigarettes are operating near school buildings.


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