Smoking Is Akin To Long-term Suicide


Everyone knows that smoking is dangerous and deadly but many still smoke and stop when smoking-related diseases begin undermining them.

Poisonous content in cigarettes is very dangerous for our bodies. About 50% of smokers in the world passed away due to smoking-related diseases. It is not surprising when people say that smoking is akin to long-term suicide.
Based on the world record, 50% of those who had smoked during their lives died of smoke-caused diseases—not of slipping or fighting. This obviously means that probability of death because of smoking is 1 in 2

Dr. Hakim Sorimuda Pohan, SpOg from Tobacco Control Support Center (TCSC) when he was having a conversation with DetikHealth mentioned that smoking is akin to  long-term suicide, while killing oneself with a bullet is a quick suicide. Both are the same things—suicide.
Death due to smoking is much more probable compared to Russian roulette (filling only 1 bullet in one of available six bullet holes) directed to the head of a soldier holding the gun). The probability here was only 1 in 6 or about 17%.

The chance of dying due to smoking is 50%, while killing one with Russian roulette method is 17%.  We all know which is riskier. According to Dr. Hakim smoking can be considered as one of the ways to kill oneself. In Islam religion, all suicide is a sin and those who did it will be permanently placed in hell. All Moslem preachers should be able to translate 1 of 2 deaths due to smoking is long-term suicide.
The cause of death of smokers is poison contained in cigarettes. Arsenic is the most dangerous element in cigarettes.
“If one wants to commit suicide quickly, he or she should use a high dose of arsenic. In less than 6 hours, he or she will die. In cigarettes, the arsenic is of  a low dose; so, smokers probably needs around 30 years to die,” explained Dr. Hakim

In addition to  arsenic,  the inhaled smoke contains such dangerous substances as carbon monoxide, tar, hydrogen, cyanide, heavy metal and free radicals, each of which can destroy our bodies in different ways.
Most bodily organs can be destroyed by cigarette smoke as in one cigarette there are 4.000 chemical compounds, 40 of which are toxic or carcinogenic that will cause cancer.

Source of Information :  Merry Wahyuningsih – detikHealth

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