SOURSOP--Can It Really Cure Cancer?

Soursop used to be considered trivial and invaluable valueless. Because of this no soursop was sold in supermarkets. This kind of fruit was only available at most traditional markets.

Now soursop has become the most wanted fruit as it can cure anyone of cancer. Many fruit sellers have raised the price of soursop from 2,000 IDR to 10,000 IDR per kg (slightly more than one US dollar). Despite its raised price, soursop is still very high in demand. The soursop being high in demand has been regarded by some people a golden opportunity to make money by producing bottled extract of soursop labeled “cancer-curing soursop extract”.

Soursop also known as Annona muricata comes from Mexico but it has now been grown in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is a country where you can find soursop trees growing in abundance.

What benefits can we get from a soursop? We can get a lot of health benefits from soursop fruits. Cancer-curing is one of them. Before we talk about benefits of soursop, let me tell you what soursop contains.
A soursop consists of approximately 68% flesh, 20% skin, 8% seeds, and 4% core of fruit. Soursop contains not only water but carbohydrate (glucose and fructose) at the level of between 82 – 94% of the total sugar content. Fat is very low in soursop so that it is recommended for health control.
Soursop tastes very sour but the acid taste is non-volatile and organic. The acid that it contains is mostly malic, citric, and isocitric acid. The followings are what soursop contains:

·         Vitamin C. You can get 20 mg of vitamin C in 100 gram of soursop. With this vitamin C, you can strengthen immune system and slow down aging.

·         Minerals (phosphor ad calcium) which are good for bone strength and osteoporosis  prevention.

·         Rich dietary fiber

·         Phytochemical compound. Soursop is rich in phytochemical compound; so, there is no doubt that soursop is really beneficial for health
Now, here are the benefits. A lot of benefits of soursop have been reported. Some of the benefits that you can get are:

·         It cures gallstone, constipation, gout, and  betters your appetite
·         Such cancer in prostate, lung, and pancreas can be eliminated without having any side effect such as nausea, sharp drop in body weight, hair loss as found in chemotherapy.
·         It strengthens immune system and prevents deadly infection.
I recommend that you should consume soursop in original forms. Do not add any sugar in it as sugar may destroy or eliminate the efficacy.


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