Staying Up Late At Night--Can We Change


Night owls are accustomed to staying up late at night have to wake up early with their faces pouting as they are actually still sleepy but have to rush to the office or school. On the other hands, those who are used to turning in early and find themselves waking up early happily and arrive at their office much earlier.

According to a study, those who do activities in the morning find themselves happier and more satisfied with their entire lives.
Adolescent people’s habit of staying up late at night tends to fade as they grow older and the study said that the habit will shift to activities that are mostly done in the morning. No wonder older people are happier than adolescents since they all have things to do in the morning—such physical activities as walking, jogging, gardening and whatnot.

A researcher who is a student of University of Toronto said that the previous study also showed that people who were active in the morning felt happier than night owls. However, the research only observed adolescents’ tendency to stay up.
The new study published in a journal of Emotion tried to find out whether or not morning activities done by older people contributed to their view about their entire lives.

 In this study, researchers observed two populations of 435 young people aged 17 to 38 and 297 older people aged 59 to 79. They were asked to fill in questionnaires about their emotion, health condition and time preference for their activities.

Most 60-year-old participants love doing the activities in the morning.  From the group of young people, only 7% like morning activities.  As they grow older the percentage will rise. However, there are still a few elderly people who are accustomed to staying up.

People who are physically active in the morning are healthier than those who often stay up. From a health standpoint, the people who are active in the morning have a good quality of sleep and consequently, their immune system is stronger than those who stay up and have a poor quality of sleep.

People who stay up late at night are mostly forced to wake up early because they have to work or go to school. They wish they would right back to bed to continue sleeping. It is different from older people who turn in early and wake up early because they cannot wait to do physical activities in the morning. No wonder they are much happier and healthier.

Finally the researchers suggest that all night owls should leave the habit of staying awake at night in order that they can be healthier and will be able to wake up early happily and still have time to do physical activities before they go to work or school.


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