Suka Bambu Run--Batuputu Village


Batuputu is heaven to hashers. There are so many interesting and challenging sites with ups and descendants. Being on the top of the hills, hashers can enjoy breathtaking view of Lampung bay. When they are down at the valley, they will meet beautiful, clear Shallow River that tempt hashers to play water splashing just like kids.

The hash run on June 24th was different than usual. The trails are new and have never been used by hashers before. It is because of this, more hashers came to the hash. Actually there were two reasons that made more hashers go hashing at this site. First, there were more than 5 participants who celebrated their birthdays. This means having a party with lots of foods and drinks for free! Secondly, it is a new site with new challenging trails. It is also the reason why Batuputu village is one of the favorite hashing sites.

This run is called “Suka Bambu” hash event as the on-in and down-down site are on Desa Suka Bambu (Bamboo liking village). Indeed, there are so many bamboo trees along the trails—green and yellow bamboos make jogging more interesting and less tiring. Can you imagine jogging along the shady trails where you find a row of bamboo trees on your left and a clean shallow river on your right? One of the visiting hashers shouted, “This is heaven! I’ll be back here again next time!”

As usual, when hashing in Batuputu, you cannot avoid going up and down the hills but this difficult terrains are never felt by any hashers. This has made hashers unable to wait for the next run. Thank Lampung Hash House Harriers, which provides this get-away-from-it-all activity.

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