Sunlight And Air--We Need Them To Keep Us Alive


Sunlight   And Air—It’s All We Need to Keep LivingI am sure that fresh air and sunlight are very important for all living creatures, including us, human beings. Without both fresh air and sunlight, there would not be lives in this planet but darkness and emptiness.

I am also sure that sunlight is beneficial for our health. Sunlight’s role is very vital as it can kill germ that bring disease. It also functions as a stimulant and tonic. If we lie down under the sun absorbing its ray, we will feel powered as the light stimulates our nerve tip so that we can avoid the possibility of stress, tension, frustration, and anxiety.

We, as human beings, are not the only ones who can benefit from sunlight but also other living things such as trees, vines, grass, flower, and vegetable. They live due to the power of sunlight. Animals and other living things, for instance, depend on the sunlight directly or indirectly. Without sunlight, vegetation will not be able to synthesize the substance it needs. And also without chlorophyll there will not be vegetation, and without vegetation animals can not live.

How can we benefit from sunlight?

We are advised to make use of sunlight from 6 o’clock in the morning till 10 o’clock in the morning because sunlight from 6 to 10 am is good for health. Our body is producing vitamin D with the help of sunlight. During the period of 6 to 10 in the morning, we will be able to lower the risk of having tuberculosis and asthma. Remember sunlight from 11 am to 3 pm is not good for your skin, eyes, and hair. Skin will easily be crippled, dry, and is prone to skin cancer. Your eyes may easily get cataracts in both eyes, and your hair will become gray.

As with sunlight, we won’t be able to survive without air. We will survive without water and food for several days but will not survive without air even for a minute! Air that we inhale goes with oxygen into our lung and blood vessel. The blood carries this oxygen-laden air to our heart, brain, and other important organs in the body. All cells in the body need oxygen in order to function well.

All in all, air and sunlight give us strength and prevent us from getting old too early physically and mentally. Without air, brain will stop functioning. So will blood stream and our lives. Therefore, let us keep our lives and environment in harmony.


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