Taqwa Mosque And Cathedral Church--Facing Each Other In Harmony


A mosque and A Church Standing face to face in harmony

Probably only a few notice that a mosque and a church have been standing face to face for a very long time. The church named Cathedral was built in 1950 has stood there without a change of appearance, while the mosque called Taqwa has been under several alterations. The mosque has two floors, the first floor for praying, and the second for educational purposes.

If we look at both buildings from a stand point of history, the mosque and the church are the two historical buildings, which remain untouched. The other building surrounding them are all new buildings.
It seems to me Cathedral church has never been under restoration. This is the same as another church on Imam Bonjol Street. Both churches are very old but look solid and majestic
Taqwa mosque and Cathedral church are both located on the same street—the church is on the right side, and the mosque on the left side. Both stand facing each other silently as if they respected each other.

On Friday noon, the mosque is always crowded with people coming to pray, while the church is crowded people on Sunday morning.  Despite the crowd in both buildings, the sound of prayer’s calling 5 times a day from the mosque and the church bells, both followers have never faced any problems regarding each other’s religious services.

Both Taqwa mosque and Cathedral church have been respecting each other and hand in hand for many years.


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