Taqwa Mosque---One of The Most Visited in Bandar Lampung


Taqwa mosque has been in existence for many years. This is the only mosque that you can only view from the front position, as the other positions are blocked with other buildings and a wall. Its strategic position has made this mosque the most frequently visited. The nearby marketplace is only 50 meters away and a little bit further about 65 meters is the only train station. In back of the mosque is a house-filled hill. You can not see anything except rows of houses.

The mosque is mostly visited by owners of nearby shops and residents living in back of the mosque. Taqwa mosque is used not only for praying but also for Islamic courses held on the second floor. 7 minute preaching is regularly given before “Dhuhur” prayer and after dawn prayer. At dawn prayer, the mosque management provides some snack and drink for Muslims who perform dawn prayer. They can enjoy the snack while listening to the preaching
For the last 10 years, Taqwa mosque has been restored. Taqwa mosque used to be single-floored and smaller in size. The water supply system for people to take holy water has also been improved. Shoes and sandals belonging to people who pray there are also provided with a couple of men taking care of entrusted shoes and sandals. Fees are not charged but the people are willing to give a little money to the persons who look after their shoes.

Before the security system was improved, there had been lots of theft. Many people complained about their shoes and sandals missing. Not everyone came to the mosque to pray. A few thieves may have pretended to pray with the hope that they could easily steal the shoes or sandals left outside the door.
Taqwa mosque is not the oldest mosque but its existence has helped visitors to Bandar Lampung perform the prayer in addition to catering Bandar Lampung Muslims a place to pray.

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